The app simplifies the evaluation of microscopic images. The results can be analysed immediately. The app allows measurement outdoor for objects that are large i.e., the objects that cannot be placed under microscope, and also for microscopic objects with the help of Zander Pocket Measuring Microscope.

The app runs under the operating system for

iPhone (iOS 13+)
iPad (iOS 13+)

Main features of the TROSA measurement app:

Calibration: Adjust the measurement with calibration with different available scales(cm, um, nm, mm, m and inch) along with magnification.




Image Options:

Filters - Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Tint, Warmth, Gamma, Sharpness and Denoise.
Metal Filters - Prewitt, Laplace, Derivative, Sobel, Bilateral and Gauss.


Customisation Options:

Customisation of Measurement - Color and Width of the Measurement.
A Crop and Rotate feature for customising image based on the requirement.


Advanced Options:

A Magnifier with varied radius and scale.
A Standard Ruler with different units .

A grid with fixed variants to help user differentiate the part of measurement.
Seamless switching between available camera sensors with a single tap, you can choose between WideAngle or  UltraWideAngle or  TelePhoto sensors as needed which are integrated with your device.

The user can share the measurement as an image or as a standard document.
With the latest version , the user can save multiple measurement as their appropriate projects onto their device. Where they can access it for future use.


App Clips:

The introduction of TROSA Calibration is also available as an App Clip , App Clips are a new iOS 14 feature that allow you to run a part of an app without need to download the app.

Try it yourself by tapping the play button in the smart banner of the website ( only works in Safari on iOS 14 device) or scan the below app clip code to access it.


Get the Whole App

The TROSA app goes deep on the Calibration and measurements. Tune in to leverage with ready-to-use tools and feature on the app.